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Theology & Worldview

Awake in the world at the dawn

A meditation on what the light of Christ illuminates here and now.


Morning snuggles

A night owl overcomes guilt to find peace in the morning.

Come now, let us reason together

A plea for unity among Christians.


Passing peace

On what we stand to gain when we look down, instead of ahead.

Fallibilism is true!

Decartes vs. Paul on certainty, deception and human flourishing in the real world.


Restoring the connection

A reflection on Psalm 22 and communication technology.

A masterpiece conspiracy

Are Christians standing on a solid rock or an empty shell?


Dust to dust, bone to bone, nothing to nothing

Reflecting on privilege and the manageability of death by natural or unnatural causes.

Second time around

On the (merciful) complexities of choosing moral positions within the context of human relationships.


Preaching as storytelling

Good news for those who have never been able to "get anything out of" the Bible.