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Theology & Worldview

Being Bethlehem

All creation is groaning...and someone has to push.


The Gospel of the Birth Story

A reading that embraces the images of birth woven throughout the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Suffering the hap-happiest season

How can our Christmas rituals proclaim good news for sad people?


The birth of the universe is not the cause of the world

Concerning another kind of birth story: creation.

Breaking through

On the terrible, wonderful mystery of entering the world.


High-risk pregnancy

Christmas comes in July for Benita Gonzalez and the on-call chaplain.

Birthing wisdom in the place of brokenness

On an image for practicing prayer that acknowledges what is and is not known.


Does Shane Claiborne use Google?

Google knows ten things to be what are our certainties?


Ten lessons to treasure heading into life after fifty.


Staying behind

On Spirit, truth and silence in the off-seasons of a college town.