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Theology & Worldview

Telling the truth

Personal manifestos of confession and care giving illustrate the world -- shaping power-and the risks -- of convicted speech.



Of mission statements and manifestos

On getting out of the boardroom and into the neighborhood with our words and practices.


A short manifesto that's easy to memorize, but not always easy to live.


Not by chance

A reflection on messy friends, neat friends and God's providence.

God helps

A visual and narrative reflection on God the Guide.


Open hands

A tale of two situations, or how I learned to let go.

Contain yourself!

What bodies -- young or old or vibrant or dying -- can teach us about God and ourselves.


A piece of that holiday pie

On a tradition that binds what's past, even as it teaches for the future.

A peaceable feast

Navigating family culinary traditions around the holidays with grace and vision.


Explosive application

A review of the new film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road -- and a wake-up call to Christians who dare to discern.