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Theology & Worldview

The woman's story

A businesswoman's perspective on the Savior's birth.


The soldier’s story

An account of a mysterious disappearance from a member of Herod's army.

A cleaning and a prayer

An unexpected lesson in learning to pray through the fear of loss.


A brand new year, but the same old me

For better and for worse, some things never change.

Ten films that prompt theological reflection

A selection of intelligent movies spanning the past thirteen years.


Staying in to tend the fire

Learning to stay present to God in each moment on the cusp of a lay monastic novitiate.

Home to stay

A reflection on practicing a domestic liturgy.


Writing to remember

On the loss of love letters in a technological age.

Tesser well

Lessons from a writer, to a writer, transcend the boundaries of time and space.


The second book on my shelf

A tribute to a formational book that still speaks wisdom after 115 years.