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Home Economics


Take an object of negligible value and attach a great-great-grandparent to it and you have an article of infinite value -- in some cases.  On the things we hold dear, and the things that lose their luster between generations.


From the latest trend in crafting to the great cathedrals, from hobbies to professional skills—making things with our hands from the stuff of earth is an impulse we humans can’t ignore.  Stories of learning to appreciate our own handiwork and that of others.

Comfort Food

As the snow flies, there’s nothing quite like…what?  What comes to mind for you when you think about “comfort food?”  No matter what climate we live in, food has the power to warm more than just our stomachs.  A collection of stories and recipes.

Beware of toilet envy

The Jones family can haunt us even in a well-intentioned quest to live simply.


Taking a deep breath

Creating a home that is right respite for yourself and others.


Home on the road

On the complex search for an earthly home.

A home is not built in a day

Practical advice for designing and building your own home.


On home-building

Building your own home can be a rewarding adventure when you apply your values.

Building a family

A family tree bears more than just skilled contractors.


Woods treasures

Ideas for celebrating the beauty of nature by creating simple, found-object gifts.

Nature walk on concrete

A meditation on our character as beings who are part of, not separate from, creation.


Choice cuisine

What does it mean to truly ?eat well??