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Language is a complicated thing.  It can clarify and obfuscate, it can heal and wound, it can educate and confuse.  This collection explores the words that have stuck with us, for whatever reason.


Trees play an important role in many of our most formative human tales, whether personal or communal, literal or symbolic, and they stand silently bearing witness to our present lives.  Where has your story intersected with a tree in a meaningful way?


From the latest trend in crafting to the great cathedrals, from hobbies to professional skills—making things with our hands from the stuff of earth is an impulse we humans can’t ignore.  Stories of learning to appreciate our own handiwork and that of others.

From Smurfs to Sponge Bob

The author interviews a local mediaphile in order to better understand how cartoons have changed over the last twenty years, what we should look for in good cartoons, and how cartoons affect viewers.


Sock feathers

A child's approach to language can remind us to leave our pride behind when we seek the kingdom.

He-Man: a model for Christian living

Is it ridiculous to think we can learn a serious spiritual lesson from a fictional character?


Potholes on Sesame Street

The problems with the popular television show and with the medium of television in general outweigh the potential educational value.

Tuning in without tuning out

How does the agricultural commentary of Jesus apply to our relationship with modern technology?


Life's like an onion

As an animated film, Shrek defies the norms set by sweet and predictable Disney films.

Beautiful death

A challenge to enjoy creation and accept what we cannot understand.


Paradox and the Fall

Since the Fall, God uses our weaknesses to build community and helps us gain a sense of Eden's bliss.

Demian's relevance

A student analyzes Hermann Hesse's novel for affronts to Christianity and then explains why such literature should be studied in Christian schools.