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Theology & Worldview

Now we begin

On the relationship between solitude and serving others.


There is more than one version of this

A crime reporter's perspective on nothing but the truth.

Fact vs. truth

A childhood of gathering evidence gives way to an adulthood of storytelling.


Truth without borders

An interview with John Van Sloten, author of The Day Metallica Came to Church.

Choosing to surrender

A reflection on religious identity and the freedom of commitment.


Our shrinking souls

On Emerson's understanding of the soul and the search for divine truth.

Living from mystery

On truth, interpretation and the search for a bible-based way of life.


Ashes round the yard

Putting the search for direction in the context of death.

Jesus eats

On the twentieth century's food legacy, and what the first century might have to say about it.


Fasting to hear

On Protestant theology and the revival of discipline.