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Theology & Worldview

The appetite of North America

Out with materialism, in with the Bread of Life.


The maturing of brands and Sneetches

If God is the first Brand Manager, what makes good branding?

Embracing the darkness

On the short, dark days of Advent, experienced through Madeleine L'Engle's The Irrational Season.


How do you solve a problem like Jesus?

An account of the journey through childlike faith to a matured understanding of Christ's divinity and humanity.

Hello, Jesus!

Where has Jesus walked in the years since the ascension?


Jesus in the NICU

On learning to see Immanuel here and now.

A difficult man

What it's like to love someone with an impossible standard of perfection.


Turn your eyes upon Jesus

In the midst of political polarization, a call to focus on the one who saves.

Unsolved mystery

An Advent reflection on letting the mystery of Christ shape us.


Heli's story

An eye-witness account of a miraculous birth from not-just-any shepherd.