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Theology & Worldview


Interview with Jim Skillen

Exclusive interview with Jim Skillen regarding issues of church and state.

Church is bad (but I still go)

A meditation on the flawed institution of the church and how it can meet our needs unexpectedly.


Church in the New World

We know times are changing, but the question is, how can the church react and respond to those changes?

Radical vision made real

A suburban Chicago church is following a difficult but rewarding path in an effort to bridge racial gaps, give away more money, and conform to the biblical model for church.


Can we test for that?

A review of Howard Gardner's The Disciplined Mind: Beyond Facts and Standardized Tests, the K-12 Education that Every Child Deserves.

Black and white make gray

In the middle of such complex issues as war and capital punishment, we need to keep in mind our ultimate allegiance to the God of love and life.


The meaning of Pro-Life

A series of five high school devotionals challenges students to adhere to the broad definition of "pro-life" by protecting the lives of the all God's children: the born, the unborn, and the self.