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catapult magazine


Theology & Worldview

Fight the power

A father’s philosophy on how to deal with bullying.


Peaceable kingdom

Pondering some of the paradoxes in the relationship between humans and animals.

Crescendo aubade

Thinking on birds in the first light of morning.


Facts and fictions

On following the breadcrumbs of truth through the stories of childhood.

Come further in, come further up!

C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia offer a glimpse of the world to come.


Not the words, but the voice

On the permeable boundary between a Chaim Potok novel and a summer internship.

Daring to belong

A reflection on the community of Acts and accepting the invitation.


Gossip column

The value of local news as a lens for seeing the world.

The glory of learning

A tribute to Mr. Closz, and to all of the students who ponder the great mysteries of life.


Holy plantings

Reimagining possibilities, as flowers bloom.