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Theology & Worldview

Roxxxy the Sex Robot

How what we believe shapes what we make and what we make shapes what we believe.


The end

Welcome to the longest reality show ever.

Recovering an ancient vision for popular culture

A review of Journey to the Common Good by Walter Brueggemann.


The sound of a calling

A personal narrative of resistance and acceptance.

Sisters with a job to do

The one who stays put reflects on two very different callings within the same family.


Life within death

On the difficulty of living into human purpose in the way of the resurrection.

This is what we are about

What I learned from spending a week with student friends at Huss School.


When you point your finger...

Re-examining the checklist for who's in and who's out.

A blessing for wakefulness

Some words of hope for seeing the world as it is and responding unto the Kingdom.


The best part...may it overflow!

On vocation and waking up with a sense of purpose.