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Theology & Worldview

Big Hope, small hope

On our ridiculous attempt to walk with students through the valley of despair.


The Eucharist is an economic act

Growing a church community around the centrality of the shared feast.

A better story

Is the devil really in the details?


A foretaste of the feast to come

A reflection on a full-bodied model for teaching, celebrating and practicing communion.

Company’s here!

Word play leads to serious food play when it comes to communion.


Save a seat

On discovering the weight of the sacred meal.

Look around you!

A review of Nora Gallagher's book The Sacred Meal.


Finding fact in fiction

On trying to live out a costly vision after college.

What a friend we have in guilt

On falling in with the wrong crowd after a misstep.


Put your whole self in

Why confessing our pop culture secrets can be good for us.