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Society & Institutions

Telling the truth

Personal manifestos of confession and care giving illustrate the world -- shaping power-and the risks -- of convicted speech.



Of mission statements and manifestos

On getting out of the boardroom and into the neighborhood with our words and practices.

Defense (clap, clap) defense!

A review of The Reason for Sports: A Christian Fanifesto by Ted Kluck.


God helps

A visual and narrative reflection on God the Guide.

Placing our hope

Considering hope and fear twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


To see the fissures and 
hear the rumblings

A review of 
The BQE, a film by Sufjan Stevens.

Fixing the toilet in the ivory tower

A review of the book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work by Matthew B. Crawford.


Being Bethlehem

All creation is groaning...and someone has to push.

Suffering the hap-happiest season

How can our Christmas rituals proclaim good news for sad people?


Does Shane Claiborne use Google?

Google knows ten things to be what are our certainties?