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Society & Institutions

Beyond competition

On moving from victory through superiority to upholding one another in love.


Joy and…

A difficult summer prompts reflections on the problem of joy.

From oasis to desert island

A short account of an ideal vision for community that came tumbling down.


Isolation in community

What happens when church becomes a social club with unwritten rules?

Ten reasons I love to pay my taxes

Reflections from a morning bike ride on the good things about chipping in.


Bringing up Bart

Imaging youth group as an expression of what we are for.

The permanence of youth group

A reflection on why I kept going back again and again.



A tribute to the fall of a baseball team and a season.

Paid in hope and heartbreak

Why I volunteer -- and create opportunities for others to do the same.


Volunteering as a way of life

A recent graduate explores the benefits of full-time volunteering through Mennonite Voluntary Service.