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Society & Institutions

A masterpiece conspiracy

Are Christians standing on a solid rock or an empty shell?


Hung up

Should Christians care more than they do about the issue of nuclear weapons?

The presence of the past

On how war imposes its memory long after the ceasefire.


Hope is not optional

A catapult reader responds to the issue on nuclear weapons.

A good witness

A reflection on the role of the married people in the pews.


Fuchsia, plum, navy or none

The necessity of improvising on the path toward a second wedding.

In the moment

Learning through all five senses at a home away from home.


A movable sermon

On crafting a homily that resonates.

Bodily dysfunctions

Is this really what Jesus had in mind?


The curtain is torn, the closet is open

An interview with playwright and director Richard Peters on his latest work, David and Jonathan.