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Society & Institutions

Ten odd and wondrous things our family has seen this year within a block of our house

Under the influence of urban naturalism, an inner-city neighborhood can be a wonder-full place.


Ten ways to spot Americans in Australia

Useful tips...from an American in Australia.

Small church, big church

Questions from the present on a path that has run through churches of all sizes.


Is smaller always better?

Questioning the motivations and effectiveness of fair trade coffee.

Big Hope, small hope

On our ridiculous attempt to walk with students through the valley of despair.


The Eucharist is an economic act

Growing a church community around the centrality of the shared feast.

Fighting despair in 2010

Conan says goodbye with wise words that speak to the past, present and future.


A better story

Is the devil really in the details?

A foretaste of the feast to come

A reflection on a full-bodied model for teaching, celebrating and practicing communion.


Look around you!

A review of Nora Gallagher's book The Sacred Meal.