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Society & Institutions

Caught in the middle

Considering the differences between a mother’s and a father’s legacy of belonging.


No one outside

Considering the complicated relationship between identity and belonging.

The trail of tears

On reading the paper and selecting which stories to let in.


Feed me

One reason I had no idea what’s going on in Venezuela.

Gossip column

The value of local news as a lens for seeing the world.


All my tall tales

On paying attention to what we consume, and how we consume.

It’s all news to me

The seasons of life, and the seasons of news.


A false sense of security

Considering the news, from a childhood in the turbulent 60s to adulthood as an African missionary.

Zero time

On making space to let the news shape us, and our opinions.


“I read the news today -- oh, boy…”

The power of being a filter for other people’s news.