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Society & Institutions

Going to the chapel

On doing things differently, without failing to speak the language of tradition.


I promise

How mundane details met audacious hope, in the round, on December 31, 2000.

When you point your finger...

Re-examining the checklist for who's in and who's out.


Identity theft

A reflection on how aid can rob a culture of generosity.

A blessing for wakefulness

Some words of hope for seeing the world as it is and responding unto the Kingdom.


Novel ideas

An interview with Laryn Kragt Bakker, author of the new novel Clutching Dust and Stars, about his writing and publishing process.

Come now, let us reason together

A plea for unity among Christians.


Stickin’ it to the man

Who, exactly, is "the man"...and what can we do about him?

All tensed up with someplace to go

What to do when the system's getting you down...even in your sleep.


Do FarmVillains dream of analog sheep?

On the challenges of staying awake in a digital world.