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Society & Institutions

The glory of learning

A tribute to Mr. Closz, and to all of the students who ponder the great mysteries of life.


Playing at life

A case for fewer measurable goals, and a lot more screwing around.

Learning’s heartbeat

Tracking down the origins of a persistent rhythm.


Lessons learned

Observations from a life as a teacher, student and parent involved with many schools.

Thunderstorm at a bus stop

Remembering the work of a good biology teacher.


E pluribus unum

At home in Washington, D.C., next door or across town.

Palm Sunday biking

A reflection on place during a season of discernment.


Places are people, too

What can you say when home gets down on one knee?

Your city is calling

An love letter to Austin, Texas, in all of its incarnations.


Defining community with permaculture

From biodiversity to human diversity.