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Society & Institutions

Christians and torture

A response to current debates about justifiable tactics for U.S. national security.


Abundance for all

What's right with the prosperity gospel?

What consumes us?

A review of the book
Enough: Contentment in An Age of Excess
by Will Samson.


And they lived happily ever after

An overview and analysis of statistics related to single people.

Got plans?

Reflections at the intersection of various cultural expectations about marriage and singleness.


Live Feed: Christians and Facebook are in a relationship.

In what ways are Christians responding to new technology, to the detriment or benefit of the Church?

The impossibility of the nice Christian guy

A prophetic history lesson in gendered images of Christianity.


From ManZone to the <i>haka</i>

Warrior-centric attempts at fostering male identity in church.

Portraits: Men of the Church

Four lyrical snapshots, taken over two weeks of celebration.


White manhood and the new glass ceiling?

A reflection on the shifting nature of marginalization.