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Society & Institutions

Incarnational Meditation Exercises 1-3

Preparing for the Christmas celebration during Advent by touching, visiting and living.


The freedom, the pain and the just desserts of nerdiness

Middle school lessons, for better or worse, become life lessons.

Kirstin’s recommendations 12.19.08

Two historically-rooted fictions-a film about arms dealing and a novel about a Sudanese refugee-explore the lives of outsiders.


I don’t listen to Sufjan Stevens

A suggestion from the margins of Christian college culture.

Ten things for teaching

A moment of reflection before heading into a whirlwind of a term.


Half a library

A list-in-progress of formative collections.

To hell with Romans 13

A sermon on one of the most commonly misused passages in canonized Scripture.


A Kingdom for others

On raising kids who are helpers rather than hoarders.

Something that won’t compute

Embracing downward mobility in the already-but-not-yet Kingdom of God.


Reconsidering empire

A case against language that potentially undermines legitimate purposes.