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Theology & Worldview

Learning to die

Embracing the season’s reminder of mortality.


Nevermind your helplessness blues

Viewing the newest Fleet Foxes album through the lens of Nirvana’s generational legacy.

The electric razor

Unearthing childhood memories of fear and separation.


Experiencing God’s creation

Would you rather be blind or deaf?  One response to a classic question.

Ears to hear

Learning how to sense the love of God in each moment.


He gave us himself

A few words on a family tradition to help contextualize giving and receiving gifts.

Giving well

Lessons in gift-giving from the greatest Gift of all.


Colliding with Melancholia

Lars von Trier’s newest film takes on the meaning of ritual at the end of the world.

The hopes and fears of all the years

Reflecting on the films Melancholia and Another Earth as Christmas approaches.


Ten things I used to believe

A challenging year shifts beliefs in some important ways.