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Theology & Worldview

Home is (not always) where the heart is

A mother reflects on her family's longing for a better home.


Wait for it

An impending job change prompts questions about future expectations.

The weight of dust

A reflection on the significance of the human body. 


The vioLENT bear it away

A call to the dark disciplines of Lent and reading Flannery O'Connor.

Leading with humble hands

Excavating the meaning and practices of humility.



A reflection on the direction of the world, with reference to poets.

Letter to my son

A mother's reflection on the birth of her extraordinary, completely ordinary child.


Learning the rhythms of the New Creation

An Easter reflection on growing together in our church communities.

Little sinners

On educating children in the ways of grace.


Upside down education

Expressing gratitude for parents and teachers who re-imagined "success."