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Theology & Worldview

The Mulberry Manifesto

A paradigm shift toward a slow life chock full of pleasure and wild fruit.


Baptized in humanity

Realizations among the clash of cultures on a Miami vacation.

The Fourposter

Weaving the story of four decades of gratitude and glory.


Sacredness in the margins

On the characters who teach us how to accept life around the edges of a big story.

Speaking with strangers

From St. Francis to Shakespeare, an endorsement for radical hospitality.


Government and the imitation of Christ

Interpreting Romans and 1 Peter through the lens of Jesus Christ’s self-giving love.

God, politics and wisdom

Seeking an alternative to ideology.


Returning to the end

Exploring the theme of grief in Terrence Malick’s film The Tree of Life.

Death unto life

A report from *culture is not optional in a season of reflection.


Hope of autumn

Pining for fall in the American South.