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Society & Institutions

Reading vs. Alton City

Comparing perceptions of a struggling hometown shared with John Updike.


Working the streets

Reflecting on the risk not taken, 25 years later.

Connoisseurship and the art of moving

What questions should we be asking of a potential new place ... and perhaps of ourselves?


Print may be dying, but the truth will live

A perspective on medium from a professional in journalism.

The future of journalism in the free frontier

It's not as hopeless as some might think.


Birth announcements

On the incarnate words that call our worlds into being.

Reading the newspaper

A case for committing to information we can touch.


Yes, I still take the daily paper

A personal history told through the lens of newspapers.

Why I still subscribe

Continuing a family legacy (in certain ways) of reading the Grand Rapids Press.


Imagination sequestration

Rifling through the headlines with imagination in mind.