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Society & Institutions

We all like sheep

How our kids pick up on the differences between hired hands and good shepherds.


Bad shepherd

Confessions of a natural-born leader.

The too-good life?

A sheepishly happy report from the suburbs.


Fast food and forgetfulness

Can our eating habits really induce us to forget God?

In defense of fast food

A call away from snobbery and gluttony toward the ultimate feast.


A side of patience

Practicing community development on an eternal timeline.

Fast food fast track

Why going to college shouldn’t be like eating at McDonald’s.


Saving numbers

Questioning the church’s obsession with quantifiable data.

Seeing our seeing

A case for a shift in how believers perceive their home.


Imagining rain

Preparing for the third annual Huss Future Festival in the middle of a record-breaking drought.