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Society & Institutions

In the balance

A reflection on the seduction of efficiency.


A model of inefficiency

Why the built environment matters in shaping priorities and possibilities.

Stoop sitting

In praise of an architectural feature and the habits it engenders.


Ten “spacious” things from 2012

Recounting some of the year’s most hopeful, creative, generous, adventurous, expectant...

Breaking the rules

The challenges of discussing fashion with Christians.


Dressing my daughter

A new mother responds to infant will.

The answers are in my closet

Dressing up as role-playing.


I am not my clothes

Detailing a clothing experiment that yielded a host of lessons ... and more questions.

Listening to fashion

On moving from image to person in our inevitable judgments of clothing.


Open hands, with mittens

Fashioning a personal style out of gifts and gratitude.