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Society & Institutions

The King is dead; long live the King

Acknowledging the fairy tale running under and through our daily lives.


Leading for the common good

Lessons in leading from Nehemiah and the city council.

It’s complicated

Asking hard questions and embracing complex answers in community.


Nevermind your helplessness blues

Viewing the newest Fleet Foxes album through the lens of Nirvana’s generational legacy.

The electric razor

Unearthing childhood memories of fear and separation.


Why *cino is not a church

A report from the *cino talks on one of the big questions.

The thirty-year itch

On the tangle of questions and desires at the point of church transition.


Changing methods, unchanging message

A pastor’s perspective on the 80% of churches that are dying in the U.S.

The imperfect body

Wrestling with church as a single mother.