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Society & Institutions

The people that we meet

Expanding expectations in the places where we live.


Teen taboos

A report from the high school front.

The tail wind taboo

Love covers a multitude of sins, if we let it.


The shame for which I weep

When churches fail to offer acceptance and healing for gay and lesbian believers.

Body parts

Reclaiming rituals for whole personhood.


Let’s (not) talk about sex

Loneliness and misperceptions in the wake of the church’s number one taboo.

Sweeping abusers under the bridge

A call for the church to humanize, forgive and hold sex offenders accountable.


Transformation through conversation

A review of The Virtue of Dialogue by Christopher Smith.

Slow organizing

Considering what’s emerging for *cino after the spring thaw.


Filled to capacity

Reflecting on a day in the life of the *cino community Three Rivers, Michigan.