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Society & Institutions

Enough already

A Holy Saturday lament over losses due to a new crude oil pipeline through the Hermitage and environs.


Without bounds

A lament from 900 miles up the pipeline.

The equation for education

What have we gained and what have we lost in our progress beyond the one-room school?


Progress defamed

On art’s capacity to illuminate the stories we tell about ourselves and the myths of progress.

Fundraising because I can

From slumming chocolate bark as a child to raising money for meaningful cause as an adult.


Fundraising for missions

Remembering a childhood of lugging the slide projector from church to church.

Walk softly

Storytelling in the time of government shutdown.


The roads that break us

A report from the convoluted infrastructure of Austin, Texas.

A prayer, a dream, a sacred space

On spaces of encounter at the University of Toronto.



Life after college, sleeping in the church basement.