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Society & Institutions

It’s time for a walk

Saving the local library from consolidation...and extinction.


My “go local” rant

Raising critical questions about the goodness and integrity of a local focus.

Dishes on the red sled

A mother reflectson what she’s learning from her home educated daughters.


If you want to teach well

A short lesson on listening to and appreciating children for who they are.

In search of a good education

A parent reflects on the privilege of choosing among a wealth of schooling options.


The Reader’s Digest version: B.S. Education

A teacher shares what she’s learned from forty years of various teaching experiences.

Taking a red crayon to a white wall

How the students in a free writing workshop have taught the teacher.


The Fourposter

Weaving the story of four decades of gratitude and glory.

I remember the names of all my teachers

A “difficult” student reflects on the teachers who did and didn’t treat her as a problem child.


The politics of bearing witness

A report from Occupy Chicago.