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Theology & Worldview

What does it mean to stand?

Comparing the early church's imperial context with our own.


To the letter

A review of A.J. Jacobs' book The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible.

Something that won’t compute

Embracing downward mobility in the already-but-not-yet Kingdom of God.


Reconsidering empire

A case against language that potentially undermines legitimate purposes.

A Love whose name cannot be spoken

An analysis of pop culture artifacts to expose myths about true love.


Love in the time of softball

Creative jock or an athletic artist?  A reflection on a time of making decisions about love.

Embodying our grief

A review of the new book Fasting by
Scot McKnight.


In defense of my generation

A response to the charges of relativism that get lobbed across philosophical dividing lines.

A meditation on two doctor’s appointments

A time of sickness becomes a time of revelation about the interconnectedness of body and spirit.


Reworking the recipe

On seeking to address a sense of missing ingredients in inherited tradition.