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Theology & Worldview

Surrendering to receive

On Lenten fasting as physical and spiritual preparation for the Easter celebration.


Honoring Ash Wednesday next to tragedy

A reflection on living in proximity during Lent.

An ashy cross

On the complex relationship between symbols and practices of faith.


Ashes three student?

Mixing metaphors on a holiday of metaphors in a class on...metaphors.

Be still and know

On the value of showing up for a time of silence.


Why I buy books

On putting our money where our best stories are.

When the Word became that figure in the mirror

An adult wrestles with youthful images of identity.


Writing with light

The photographs of Andre Kertesz and the world of stories, and the stories of the world.

Why I am still listening to Sufjan Stevens

Confessions of a music lover who can't get enough of the enigmatic singer songwriter's juxtapositions.


More than a good story

How a children's book shaped a lifelong approach to singing.