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Family & Relationships

Thanks, Mom

Confronting the inner child as an adult living in mom and dad's home.


Things in nature that make me believe in God

Lessons from cohabiting with animals within the house of creation.

At home on a day in June

Reflections of a daughter who may never leave the nest.


Imperial cohabitation

An evaluation of the messages that limit our household vision.

Lights and darks

A single mother living with her parents puts a few thoughts on the proverbial clothesline for examination.


A Kingdom for others

On raising kids who are helpers rather than hoarders.

Thanks for love

On discovering that perfectly imperfect someone.


Coming to consciousness

How adults and children can walk together on the journey toward discovering grace and self.

My boy will know

It wouldn't be the first time grace was entered the world as a newborn baby...


See! There is a new creation!

Why not?  After all, trees aren't just for kids.