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Family & Relationships

The piles behind the screen

How the marriage of simplicity and stashing survives under the same roof.


Recycled abundance

Remembering the Barter Sale at boarding school in Pakistan and the lessons it's still teaching.

Quantity and quality

A new angle on abundance shapes a shift in relationship.


Gift enough

On discovering true family and truer hope in a new place.

Choosing to be single?

Recounting a journey toward acceptance and intentionality.


And they lived happily ever after

An overview and analysis of statistics related to single people.

Got plans?

Reflections at the intersection of various cultural expectations about marriage and singleness.


Life from scratch

A life tapestry woven of baking bread and growing food and bearing children.

Loving your online neighbor as yourself

On moving from pretending to loyalty in the virtual world.


The pleasant results of a shrinking world

A reflection on what's good about online social networking.