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Family & Relationships

To be two

A fantastic tale about losing--and finding--one's voice.


In the flesh

On the Divine's experience of love from within a body.

From Buster to Batman

The blessings and curses of growing beyond imaginary friends.


Hi, there

A reflection on God entering the world as a newborn baby.

Some keep the Sabbath

A humble home liturgy inspires confession and remembering.


(Partly) rebelling against rebellion

Reflections of a pastor's kid on struggling against expectations.

The journey in…and back out

How a local writers' group changed from being a place of belonging.


Ten ways to make your house more hospitable

A list about hosting guests that could double as advice for how to live one's life.

Community doesn’t just happen

A group interview exploring the thoughts and ideas that fill the rooms of a big old house in Grand Rapids along with five adults and an infant.


All that I let in

Pondering (invisible) boundaries when it comes to living with other people.