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Family & Relationships

The tenor of a mind

How fostering conversation rather than debate can shape our minds to be changed.


Tale of two children

What folk tales and the biblical narrative have to offer about the process of growing up.

When you grow up

Hopes and reflections for an un-conceived idea.


Becoming a Matriarch

On the paradox of aspirations within a family.

Growing up hopeful

A unique community combines generations who need one another.


These things remain

Reflections on the occasion of a not-so-pivotal birthday.

Femininity and the Big-Boned Gal

Reflecting on identity via a mother's larger-than-life mythology.


The mouse that roared

A sixth grade boy stumbles upon mystique on the middle school stage.

A porch glider and a glass of sweet tea

A grandmother's humble lessons about what it means to be a woman.


An essay unwritten

On receiving a call for submissions for the "Women's Worlds" issue of catapult magazine.