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Family & Relationships

"Community is bullshit"

A harsh welcome becomes a meaningful message.


Into this ol’ world

Learning to face both hope and fear in childbearing years.

A pill for the diagnosis of fertility?

Taking another look at the faithful stewardship of the cycles of our bodies.


One kid, two kids, three kids, four?

Some considerations and resources for imagining a family.

Out of control

On balancing human agency with God's desires.


Best laid plans

A reflection on the reality of our limitations in family planning.

Kids in cars

The story of a journey to a five-member family and a mini-van.


Giving birth

Birthing experiences as teachers about our agency and our dependency.

To breed or not to breed

A woman's reflections on the relationship between cognitive choices and great mystery.


Conversion as process

Looking back reveals a series of small, significant revelations.