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Family & Relationships

Summer came early

Reflections on experiences and lessons in joy, looking back on a life in the midst of death.


A room of our own

A call for help transforms personal crisis into communal effort.

From oasis to desert island

A short account of an ideal vision for community that came tumbling down.


Welcome to the family

True human connection is just a Profile away.

Loving life, loving laughter

A reflection on growing up in -- and growing -- a family that loves to laugh.


Worst Christmas ever

Some stories are only kind of funny in distant retrospect...

Kid stories

Why are kids so stinking funny?  Share your favorite stories.


Embracing teenagers

A proposal for serving youth more effectively in the church.

The permanence of youth group

A reflection on why I kept going back again and again.


Refrigerator manifesto

On shaping household culture through a Family Charter of Human Rights.