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Family & Relationships

Second impressions

On learning to see a space through the eyes of hospitality.


BE HERE NOW (and later, too)

Reflecting on a year-long experiment in time off.

Nameless community

An image-rich tour through a place you may or may not recognize, a place you may have been in but not seen.


Illuminated evening

A visit to a collection of art installations prompts thoughts about the relationships between art and community.

A history of tables

A piece of furniture forms a literal and symbolic stopping point in a life story.


Shrinking world

How globalization both strengthens and discourages community.

At home alone hospitality

Taking another look around an empty room reveals another kind of community, and subsequent responsibility.


Resident alien transplant

Taking up life in a new community at a different stage of life presents challenges and promises.

Home away from home

A report from the biennial conference, co-sponsored by *cino and Russet House Farm.


Promised land gone

Warning: asking long-time neighbors about family history might surprise you.