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Theology & Worldview

Land of abundance

Three Rivers, Michigan promises destinations for many kinds of pilgrims, including the reluctant ones.


The hard work of living peacefully

Entering into the peace that passes understanding is a constant journey marked by occasional glimpses.

Doing monasticism

On coming face to face with one’s self in a monastery.


80-degree community

Nature offers a lesson in working together to change the world.

So I'm thinking of joining a monastery...

And the decision is not quite as ironic as it might seem at first.


The company we keep

Moving from anti-matter schizophrenia to an appropriate delight in things.

The old dishrag

On the rag that does the dirty work as a reminder of God’s love.


We are what we keep

What is the difference between keeping and possessing?

Piles of ideas

Experiences and conversations converge on questions of keeping.



Are graphic novels simply too graphic or is this a genre Christians should openly engage?