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Theology & Worldview

Time is my enemy

On the difficulty of internalizing the gift of a twenty-four hour day


Act justly?

An exploration of the term justice.

Needing home

Will a place to lay my head ever materialize?


Kitchen scraps and theology

How to worship God through composting.

The purpose of sex

On the unitive, procreative and recreational functions of sex.


Grieving in community

A review of Alison McGhee's Shadow Baby with a list of other books that have proved helpful after a loss.

On becoming an “artist,” pied beauty and art in community

A talk and slide show from the author's recent photography exhibit.


The artful bulletin

On how a requisite page became a blank canvas for an entire congregation.

Cursing and hoping in the night

Exploring the early morning monastic tradition of Vigils.


The paradoxes of the contemplative life

A journey into a rule of life reveals powerful tensions.