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Theology & Worldview

I survived The Passion of The Christ

The long-awaited film is finally here—what can we make of media opinions now that we can finally see it for ourselves?


Overcome with Passion

Why evangelicals need to get smart about movies.

Afraid of becoming

How do we stop from becoming the people we least desire to be?


Late-night thoughts on what it means to fear God

An unfashionable concept deserves a fresh look.

The abortion journals

An account of overcoming fear of "the other."


The beauty of holiness, the holiness of beauty

Through experiencing the holiness of beauty, and through it, experiencing God, we are changed for the better.


Beauty from tragedy

Discovering beauty that points to God, even in the middle of pain.

The Image in women

Discovering what it means to be feminine by looking to the Creator of women.


Perfectly ugly

An exploration of the role of symbol in Calvin Seerveld's theory of aesthetics.