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Theology & Worldview

Incarnational Meditation Exercises 1-3

Preparing for the Christmas celebration during Advent by touching, visiting and living.


Out of our heads

Considering ways of knowing in a season that calls us into our bodies.

In the flesh

On the Divine's experience of love from within a body.


Hi, there

A reflection on God entering the world as a newborn baby.

Are we there yet?

How impatience can affect the stories we tell and the ways in which we remember.


Some keep the Sabbath

A humble home liturgy inspires confession and remembering.


What a kindergartener's fashion sense reveals about the mystery of God.


Why I am not a fundamentalist

A list related to a current thread within Christianity.

Things in nature that make me believe in God

Lessons from cohabiting with animals within the house of creation.


To hell with Romans 13

A sermon on one of the most commonly misused passages in canonized Scripture.