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Theology & Worldview

At home alone hospitality

Taking another look around an empty room reveals another kind of community, and subsequent responsibility.


Into this ol’ world

Learning to face both hope and fear in childbearing years.

Abstaining in a culture of entitlement

One couple's journey to honor God with their sex lives.


Giving birth

Birthing experiences as teachers about our agency and our dependency.

This book changed my life

On experiencing a devalued catchphrase for one's self.


Conversion as process

Looking back reveals a series of small, significant revelations.

Out of the closet, into the forest

Reflection on a change in thinking that has had relational consequences.


Identity and vocation

On the search for purpose, via the story of playwright Horton Foote.

Living in slavery's shadow

A brief analysis of today's racial justice issues through the historical lens of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


How to have a meaningful Christmas

Embracing mystical experience as a means of understanding the incarnation.