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Theology & Worldview

Writing life

Is the common idea that the writer "plays God" a valid comparison?


Wrestling with "Why?"

What can be seen as extraneous is, indeed, essential.

I Chronicles 14, and What Is God Asking Me To Do?

How can a called writer patiently fulfill his monumental task?


Faith and science

How do we reconcile the debate between two visions of life?

A God's-eye view

Flying inspires wonder that we are worthwhile.


For the beauty of the earth

The basics of cultivating and protecting God's good creation.

Sam the Cat

Unexpected love and lessons from a stray.


Passing it on

On teaching a new generation to care for creation.

Nature walk on concrete

A meditation on our character as beings who are part of, not separate from, creation.


Creation and Christianity

A review of The Reenchantment of Nature: The Denial of Religion and the Ecological Crisis by Alister McGrath.