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Theology & Worldview

Counterspeaking contradictions

On the paradoxes of lament and hope, destruction and creation, failure and commitment.


Progress defamed

On art’s capacity to illuminate the stories we tell about ourselves and the myths of progress.

What’s the real issue here?

Questioning both the wholesale acceptance and critique of progress.


Midnight Oil’s progress apocalypse

Recalling the enduring relevance of the Australian band’s warning cry.

A time to lament

The back story and a liturgy for a series of services of lament held by Peace Christian Reformed Church in South Holland, Illinois.


Take thou authority

An ordained minster reflects on the source of her calling.

Have mercy

The journey from non-denom girl to Anglican woman.


Challenging authority

Looking for God outside the rules.

Authentic authority

Running toward the truth that resonates deep within.


Into the desert

Searching for transformation in Joshua Tree National Park.