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Theology & Worldview

Celebrate me home

On the sounds of moving from sleeping to waking.


Drinking to remember

The community that drinks together, stays together.

Kicking coffee with Maxine Hong Kingston

Recounting a beverage battle that led to new insight.


In defense of fast food

A call away from snobbery and gluttony toward the ultimate feast.

Into the silence

A pastor reckons with a retreat averted.


For everything there is a season

On discerning when to practice efficiency and inefficiency.

Super Size my sanctification, please

Sometimes, life is like a shamrock shake.


Planting patience

On planting dinner.

A Michigan Saturday is good for the soul

Remembering a day full of grace after a busy week.


What is “a better checklist?”

Reconsidering the life goals of a high school self.