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Theology & Worldview

The loud silence of disbelief

An undesired lesson in what not to say to your small group.


The people that we meet

Expanding expectations in the places where we live.

Original sin

Obedience and punishment through the eyes of a child.


The shame for which I weep

When churches fail to offer acceptance and healing for gay and lesbian believers.

Nothing to see here

A pastor’s perspective on the church’s silence about sex.


Confession is optional

Wrestling with the self stunted by addiction.

Boundary lines and pleasant places

Taking stock of life’s clutter with joy and gratitude.


(Dis)organization's origins

A disorganized collector reflects on human and divine nature.

A crop of kids

A mother reflects on that which she will not live to harvest.


Blooms, dreams, roots, wings, aging and other things

How a maxim has taken on meaning throughout a life.