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Theology & Worldview

First world problems and the privileges of (in)convenience

Lessons learned in a global household, over a batch of local pasta sauce.


Musings on an inefficient life

Living life at the pace of a wood burning stove.

In the balance

A reflection on the seduction of efficiency.


Forget ten things -- what about 1,000?

A review of the audiobook One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

Breaking the rules

The challenges of discussing fashion with Christians.


Therefore, put on the dress of joy

A case for delight in dressing ourselves.

The language of imagination

Examining the double-edged sword of imagination.


Finding God in the silence

Meeting the Spirit again after a tragedy.

“The Word became flesh,” and why Derrida can’t do a thing about it

The marvel of the incarnation through the lens of grad school.


Quitting my dream

To Africa and back again.